List of Apartments That Accept Evictions

List of Apartments That Accept Evictions 2024

Thousands of families are facing rental issues and the effects of eviction that cause they can’t get apartments easily but don’t worry, here you will get your issues solution with a list of apartments that accept evictions and find your second home.

let’s find and explore the top 10 apartments that are eviction-friendly, discuss what to consider, delve into the appeals process, offer negotiation tips with landlords post-eviction, highlight common mistakes to avoid, and share inspiring case studies of individuals who successfully found houses that accept. You will start a new journey fresh start after understanding the complete information.

What Is Eviction?

This is the legal right of the landlord to ask to leave their apartment and leave their property. There are many reasons which cause this situation.

First, the landlord will send a notice to share the violation details and ask to solve this issue within one month, but if no action is taken, the owner will take an eviction file in court and legally tenant needs to leave that rental property.
Eviction is very bad and it will create difficulty in finding new rental property where you can live. You need 7 years to remove that eviction so always remember the bad effects of eviction and live a happy life without any violation.

What reason Evictions Applicant rejected by the Landlord

Simply, Nobody wants to lose their property and eviction-recorded applicants face the same issues that nobody trusts them but maybe some landlords accept after some careful advice and hope that everything will go well and you will live with them carefully. If there is a payment issue, most landlords ask for advance payment and after that advance before the time comes.

How To Find an Apartment That Accepts Eviction? List

List of Apartments That Accept Evictions

1. Second Chance

This second chance works with those who have issues finding a house because of eviction so this company helps affordable houses and solve your issues.


2.  Apartment Guide

The apartment guide also finds an apartment and has a listing of those who accept eviction. Here you can make sure your requirements and find your house/apartment easily.

Official website:

3. No Credit Check Corporate Leasing Inc.

This corporate leasing Inc. has properties of different sizes and bedrooms. They help people to find the best place according to their needs. Here you don’t need to show your credit balances and income.

Email: [email protected]

4. is a good way where you can find your destination without any issues whether you are affected or not. They have a list of cities and complete details and you can also get a free consultation and free suggestions there.

Official Website:

5. Interiors By Lamar National Corporate Leasing

This company has offices in different cities across the country and finds perfect apartments for those who are looking for home unit that accept eviction.

Email: [email protected]


Zillow is one of the places that has a list of landlords who accept in all cities across the country and guide you with details according to your needs and budget.


7. Trulia

Trulia also provides help to show you a list of rental properties that accept eviction. They have a listing of apartments that accept you and their team will always guide you through the complete procedure.

Official website:

8. Hotpads

Hopads is a helpful source for those who are facing issues finding a house because of an eviction record. Hotpads has a listing of those who accept eviction and are allowed to live in their apartment.

Official website:

9.  Realtor works the same to provide help to find an apartment for eviction because the realtor also has a listing of those who allow eviction. You can get free advice. Suggestions according to your needs.

Official website: www.

10. MyNewPlace

MyNewPlace has a listing of the landlord who accepts eviction records and provides their property on rent. You can contact them and get information according to your needs with city information.

Official website:

Helpful Strategies to Get Apartments That Accept Evictions – Tips

It is not easy to get an apartment if you have an eviction record within 7 years but you can use some strategies that will be helpful for you and improve yourself for a better future.

Find a landlord who has evictions or fallen in the past or pays advance rent or security because these 2 ways can help you to get an apartment in the eviction period.

Discuss with the landlord and request that you will not do again that caused eviction in the past and will be honest. Some owners do not check eviction history and give you the right to live in their house.

Income-Based Apartments

Many income-based apartments have low income comes under section 8. The US Housing Department like Urban Development (HUD) is very helpful and gives subsidies. The local housing companies and private landlords offer for those who have issues getting rental houses. Section 8 housing process is similar to Housing Urban Development.

There are some criteria in each sector like HUD criteria is to check credits and income source, if income is low, you will be on a waiting list but no longer waiting list. You must pay the application fee before applying.

Share your issues and make sure your honesty will help and the landlord may like and grate your apartment.

High-Security Amount

Pay high security because it builds trust and shows your Income.

Long period: Live a long time and extend the date so it will show your consistency.

Recommendation Letter

Get a recommendation letter from my previous landlord and try to ask him that write some good sentences about me so that I can get a rental apartment easily.

Express eviction reason

Share what happened in the past that caused eviction and in which condition that happened which will be helpful for you to accept your application to the landlord.

Salvation Army Hotel Voucher Programs

The national organization Salvation Army is very helpful for needy people. If you are affected by eviction and can’t find any landlord who wants to allow you to live in their apartment, the Salvation Army Hotel offers service for you.

You need to provide an eviction notice and ask for a new house with an income statement. After approval, you will get your needs there.

Factors to Consider Before Accepting Evictions

Factors to Consider Before Accepting Evictions

It’s essential to keep these factors in mind:

Lease Terms

Carefully review the lease agreement to understand the terms, including rent, utilities, and lease duration.

Rental History

Evaluate the rental history of the property, checking for any issues with maintenance or safety.

Community Atmosphere

Visit the property and speak with current tenants to gauge the community atmosphere and neighbor relations.

Future Planning

Consider your long-term plans and whether this apartment aligns with your goals.

Appealing an Eviction and Negotiating with Landlords

If you’ve been evicted in the past, it’s not the end of the road. You can appeal the eviction:

Consult an Attorney

Seek legal advice to understand the grounds for your appeal.

Gather Evidence

Collect evidence that supports your case, such as receipts, communication records, or lease agreements.

File the Appeal

File the appeal with the appropriate court within the specified timeframe.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Avoide Common Mistakes Apartment about That Accept Evictions

Avoid these common pitfalls when searching for the apartments:

Neglecting to Check Reviews

Always read reviews and ask for opinions from current tenants to understand the property’s reputation.

Ignoring Lease Terms

Carefully review the lease agreement and seek clarification on any ambiguous clauses.

Skipping a Property Inspection

Inspect the apartment thoroughly before signing the lease to identify any issues.

Overlooking the Neighborhood

Evaluate the neighborhood’s safety, amenities, and proximity to essential services.

Failing to Document Everything

Keep records of all communications with the landlord and maintain a record of rent payments.


But I hope you can find your rental house after reading this complete information. If still you can’t, contact to Los Angeles Housing Authority and the Country Development Authority has a large database where you can check where eviction affected can reach their destination.


What is Second Chance Housing, and how does it work?

Second Chance Housing refers to rental properties that are more lenient towards applicants with prior evictions or rental challenges. These apartments typically require applicants to meet certain criteria, such as demonstrating improved financial stability or having a co-signer.

What criteria do I need to meet to qualify for eviction Housing?

Eligibility criteria can vary from one property to another. Generally, you may need to show proof of stable income, a willingness to explain your eviction history, and possibly provide references.

Do eviction Apartments have higher rents or stricter lease terms?

These Apartments may have slightly higher rents or require security deposits, but the terms can vary. It’s essential to research individual properties and negotiate lease terms that work for both parties.

Will my eviction history always disqualify me from renting a decent apartment?

No, your eviction history doesn’t necessarily disqualify you. Second Chance Housing options exist to provide opportunities for those with past rental challenges to secure a place to live. With the right approach and documentation, you can find suitable housing.

How can I improve my chances of being approved for a Second Chance Apartment?

To enhance your approval chances, focus on demonstrating financial stability, offering references or a co-signer, and being upfront about your eviction history. Honesty and proactive communication with potential landlords can go a long way in securing a second-chance rental.

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