Churches That Help With Rent, Bill, Food And Medical

Churches That Help With Rent and Need

You might not know this, but you can turn to your local church and get financial assistance to pay your rent, as churches do offer rental assistance programs to help low-income individuals facing eviction due to housing costs. These programs aim to prevent displacement by paying a portion of payments. So those who are struggling to make ends meet should seek out and apply to churches that help with rent.

Tips to Find Churches That Help with Rent Assistance

Due to soaring inflation, it is no wonder that people are struggling to make ends meet, especially the inability to pay high bills could lead to homelessness. You can follow the following steps to find churches near you that help.

Go for Online Searching 

One of the most approachable methods to locate local churches in the article near you. You can use terms like “rent assistance near me” to find the available options. Or you can go for looking city or region wise.

Utilize Online Directories

You can utilize online directories, such as Christian Churches Near Me, Church Finder, and Yelp, as these websites offer contact information for your local churches, etc., to find places of worship in your area.

Reach out to Local Non-Profit Organizations

You can contact local non-profit organizations, social service agencies, and community centers for support. These organizations are more likely to know about other sources, such as groups offering these services.

Join Social Media and Community Forums

Make the most out of the social media and community forums, i.e., Facebook, Next Door, Reddit, etc., by posting your rental assistance inquiries. There is a high possibility of you getting all sorts of recommendations from locals assistance.

Get in Touch Locally

Do your research to find a list of all nearby churches, and reach out to gather information about any available programs. You can find them here and contact them through email or visit physically their office to seek guidance support,

Partake in Community Events

Socialization is one of the oldest ways to reach out to influential people. Participate in local community fairs, events, and gatherings attended by church representatives to seek guidance on any programs that could help you.

Dial 211 Helpline

You can dial 211 or contact the local United Way chapter to inquire about any available assistance in your area. These are like BakerRipley which is a charitable organization that helps rental assistance.

Get Recommendations from your socials.

You can reach out to your acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family to ask about any local churches offering rental support programs. Moreover, personal recommendations, especially from people you trust, can be valuable in your journey to seek assistance.

Best Churches That Help With Rent Assistance

Catholic Charities 

If you want to save yourself from the horror of being evicted and homeless, then you must reach out to Catholic Charities, which provides emergency assistance to struggling people and covers up to 1-3 months of upcoming payments or payback. These charities also offer average grants from $300 to $1,000.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a well-reputed charitable organization offering emergency financial aid (that includes rent assistance). Salvation Army provides free assistance and even motel vouchers and furniture via local community centers. However, you will be required to show proof of financial hardship, i.e., income verification, etc. Keep in mind that the aid provided by the Salvation Army is short-term.

Episcopal Church

Episcopal churches have a system in place that assists its parishioners and community members via discretionary funds. Thus, help the community members and parishioners with rent (during hard times) through charitable giving. The grants range from $200-$600, and utilities, food, and medical costs might be covered through these grants.

Love Inc.

Love INC is a national network of Christian churches that collaborates with local affiliates to support those in need. Kent County i.e., Michigan’s affiliate, provides rent and utility assistance for short-term to crisis-hit families. You can receive up to $300 in rental support yearly in case of application approval.

United Methodist Church

If you are at risk of homelessness, reach out to the United Methodist Church, as it partners with affiliated ministries and offers aid to individuals like you via rental deposits, temporary housing, and rent payments. Working with case managers requires proof of homelessness and income verification.

Saint Vincent de Paul

The short-term rental programs offered by St. Vincent de Paul’s local conferences bring so much ease to those looking for temporary assistance in case of financial hardships. It would help if you had to provide lease details, overdue rent notices and bills, and income verification, and you can access aid in the range of $300-$800 per household.

Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA)

JFNA, aka Jewish Federation of North America, is a network of more than 300 Jewish federations and affiliated agencies in the USA and Canada. However, JFNA also offers assistance for emergencies to the general community, i.e., you don’t have to be a Jew to qualify for assistance.

United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church and affiliated ministries offer assistance in rental deposits, rent payments, and temporary housing for the homeless and those at risk of being lost. Like other programs, you must verify your income and proof of homelessness to work with case managers. 

Lutheran Social Services (LSS)

The assistance program offered by LSS, aka Lutheran Social Services, focuses on providing 1-3 months longer rental assistance for those struggling to make ends meet.

First Baptist Church

If you are looking for grants up to $800, then you should visit the official website of First Baptist Church, which offers quarterly gifts of up to $500 for individuals and $800 for families. You can check out the details, like the application deadline and submission requirements, to see the criteria for qualification.

Grace Community Church

If you are looking for temporary financial rental grants, check out Grace Community Church, which offers grants covering 1-2 months for up to $600. You will have to submit the lease agreement and income documentation for applying. 

Countries Wise Church Near You That Help With Rent, Electricity and Gass Bill and Others

Allegheny County
Austin and Travis County
Atlanta area
Broward County
Alameda County and Oakland
Buffalo and Erie County
Colorado Springs
Chester County
Columbus Ohio
Fairfax CountyDallas
Detroit and Wayne County
Greenville County SC
Hillsborough County o
Houston and Harris County
Indianapolis and Marion County
Kern County and Bakersfield
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Milwaukee Minneapolis and St. Paul
Nassau County New York
New York City
Orlando and Orange County
Palm Beach County
Riverside County
Raleigh and Wake County
Sacramento County
St. Louis City and County
San Antonio and Bexar County
San Bernardino County
San Diego County
Seattle and King County
Suffolk County New York
Tarrant County
Westchester County

How to Qualify for Churches to Get Help

Despite varying rental assistance eligibility criteria, one thing in common, i.e., their mission to help people in need via financial grants and urgent assistance.


If you struggle to pay your rent in this price-of-living crisis, you can contact near you who will help with financial assistance. However, you must remember that most financial aid is temporary, and people with urgent needs, i.e., risk of eviction or homelessness, are prioritized over others.


What documents do I require to apply for church rental assistance?

Usually, you require your Identification Card, income verification, lease agreement, rent statement, and respective documentation that supports your financial assistance application, like job loss notice and medical bills, to apply for the program offered by the local churches.

What is the range That the church provides?

Even though it varies from church to church, it usually falls between $200 and $1000 and covers 1-3 months payments. However, they do offer more significant donations in case of extreme emergencies.

Can I qualify offered by locals if I’m not religious? 

You are not required to be a church member or have a religious affiliation for most church-based aids. Hence, you are not required to be religious or a church member to receive financial assistance.

Do I have to pay back the to the church over time?

Repayments are not expected in most cases, as the programs offered by the church are usually grants, not loans. However, you may be asked to commit to service hours on a volunteer basis.

Do local churches offer assistance other than rental aid?

Yes, they do. These help people, especially those seeking emergency assistance, through food banks, utility assistance, job placement programs, addiction recovery groups, financial literacy classes, mental health counseling, clothing, and more.

Is There Any Program that helps with gas bills in Columbus?

Yes, the Ohio Department of Development Energy Assistance Programs help with gas bills in Columbus.

Is there any Department that helps with rent in Columbus Ohio?

Columbus UrbanLeague, ColumbiaGas of Ohio and Ohio Development Services Agency.

How to help with electric bills in Ohio?

Contact with Ohio department or call 1-800-282-0880

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  1. Because of probation before I was housed I am not able to make all of my rent which puts me and be coming homeless again I am 64 blind and and I was at the mercy of my case manager to fill out documents for the room assistance to assist until I got stabilized so I’m a definite for rental assistance clothing and utilities your early response to this message we greatly appreciate it thank you Vanessa Jackson

  2. Our gas is going off today, called multiple non profits and churches and have had no luck. Is there any place I can try in mobile, Al?

    1. yes, you can contact with Society of St. Vincent de Paul, The Salvation Army, The United Methodist Church and The Non-Emergency Transportation Program. please which church near you and get voucher for this.

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