Complain About A Section 8 Neighbor

How Do I Complain About A Section 8 Neighbor?

Despite Section 8 Housing Programs aiming to provide participants with a safe and clean environment, it comes with challenges. Let’s dig deeper into How Do I Complain about a Section 8 Neighbor? Because we know it’s hard to live peacefully when surrounded by a problematic neighbor.

When to Complain About a Section 8 Neighbor

It is essential to understand the conditions for filing a complaint before actually going for it to do it properly.

Report Illegal activity

If your neighbor is involved in illegal activities, such as drug trafficking. In that case, you must proceed to report, especially if their actions interfere with your life, i.e., noise, late-night disturbance, delinquent customers, etc.

Expressing Concerns for Human Rights Violation 

You can file a complaint with the relevant authority if your neighbor is violating human rights by routinely making excessive noise.

In case of Violation of lease terms

As per law, landlords can raise their concerns against their Section 8 neighbor in case of violating the lease terms, inability to maintain the rental, intentional damage, and other discontent factors that may necessitate raising complaints against the nuisance.

How Do I Complain Against Neighbor? 

Now let’s answer the elephant in the room, i.e., How Do I Complain about a Section Neighbor?

First things First, Talk with Them

Direct Communication is one of the most effective methods to address any issue, as it allows you to understand the other side of the story. Moreover, it will enable you to come up with the right solution. There is a potential; your neighbor might be willing to work it out.

Reach out to Your Local Housing Authority

Being a Section 8 resident gives you a significant edge in directly connecting to local housing authorities, so reach out and explain your situation. These authorities usually have rules to help with your case and can be impactful in mediating things with the neighbor.

Proceed to File a Complaint with Your Landlord or Property Manager (If Applicable)

Filing a complaint with your property manager or landlord has a higher chance of solving the problem, especially if you live in a condo or an apartment. If you prove that your neighbor is violating the law (the noise ordinance which is likely to apply here), there are higher chances of a desirable result.

Go for a Legal Service, i.e., a Lawyer. 

You can explore legal options if the nuisance distresss you by suing for damages. Consult a lawyer or other legal service to figure out the best legal option in your case.

How to Report Harassment or Abuse by a Section 8 Neighbor?

It is essential to take action if you are being abused or harassed by a neighbor, and filing a complaint to your local court is one way of doing that. Now, let’s dig deeper to get the hang of the process and the benefits that come with it.

Reporting Harassment:

Doing things the right way is essential, so pick your county courthouse, make sure the paperwork is complete, and then pay the required fees (which may vary for different crimes). For example, you must pay $30 for harassment or assault in New Jersey and $60 in case of domestic violence restraining orders or stalking complaints. Complete the paperwork, i.e., fill out all the forms correctly, then pay the fee.

Do not forget to include details when submitting a complaint:

It is crucial to provide the details, i.e., the name of the harassers, the date and time of the incident, and a well-explained description. In addition, it would be best to record the witnesses’ names to aid in your case or capture any visual proof of any injury, i.e., a picture.

How to Respond to a Complaint

Being cooperative and calm goes a long way when addressing a complaint. Give assurance to the complainant that you will be cautious from now on. If you find the complaint inappropriate, you can explain yourself to clear any ambiguity. It is significant to prepare a defense if the objection is raised via regulatory offices. Considering getting a legal expert on board is another option.

How Best Can We Avoid Complaints?

You can avoid complaints by addressing the raised issue calmly but professionally. The idea is to handle all the sources of complaints, i.e., Violation of rights, etc., to make your complainant feel heard and understood and to ensure that you are a law-abiding citizen who respects the rights of other citizens. You can avoid complaints by being on your best behavior and maintaining the code of etiquette set by law and PHAs for societies housing families.

What Happens To a Person? A Complaint Is Raised

Investigations are conducted after the complaint filing, and the fin is imposed on the liable person, i.e., paying for damages. However, there can be severe repercussions in case of illegal activities, i.e., you might even get sentenced to prison.


Living in Section 8 could be challenging despite its ease. Addressing the issues with your neighbor immediately is essential for a sustainable environment and peaceful living. Remember, open Communication can save you from a lot of hassle, as trying to resolve issues by understanding both sides of the story is essential for an efficient solution.

Yes, you can contact your local housing authority for mediation and guidance and your landlord or property manager in case of a lease or noise violation. Go for filing a complaint immediately in case of harassment, assault, or abuse to your local court. Being responsible and respectful towards your neighbor can save you a lot of energy, effort, time, and money, as you will have to put up with fines, investigations, and even severe legal consequences that could jeopardize your Section 8 voucher and, of course, quality of life, hence cooperation is the key to living harmoniously with your neighbors.


What measures should I take If I have Noisy Neighbors?

You can contact the local housing authority for mediation and guidance to find the right solution.

Can I contact the local Police to protect myself From Neighbors?

If you feel threatened or have illegal activities, contact your local police department ASAP.

What measures should be taken if someone worries about their safety because of their surroundings?

You can contact your lawyer or consult other legal services to explore other legal options in case of any safety concerns.

How much does it cost to file A Harassment Complaint Against?

Even though fees depend on the type of crime as well as the area to give you an idea, filing a harassment or assault complaint in New Jersey will cost you $30, while going for a stalking protest or domestic violence restraining order will cost you double, i.e., $60.

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