Can A Felon Live With Someone On Section 8

Can A Felon Live With Someone On Section 8

A house is a basic need for everyone to live freely without any problem but it is very difficult for those who have criminal records (felonies) to find a house through section 8 but not impossible.

Section 8 Housing

This is a federal program also known as the housing choice voucher program that helps low-income family and find safe houses for them.

Can Felony Live With Someone – Eligibility for Section 8 Housing

You need to meet with eligibility criteria, income limit, citizenship, and size of the house and criminal will not be rejected directly but find difficulty with such a record.

The Impact of Criminal Records

It is difficult to find property or houses under the program because the house owners and landlords do many things before renting with criminal-recorded persons.

Factors That Can Influence Eligibility

The local housing authorities will determine eligibility for section 8 after checking the applicant’s record and criminal history, factors, type of crime, and record after punishment.

The Application Process

The application process is very easy; the applicant will submit an application to the local housing authority with entire correct information, and cheat cause is denied.

Felony Convictions and the Housing Programm

Mostly denied if series types of crime but it’s not mean that every felony will be denied. They will check complete details, reasons, and the period after that happened, and may be accepted.

Exceptions to the Rule

It causes hurdles to finding a safe and secure house with section 8 but applicant to employ community organizations and their record after the crime will be checked and hope they can find their house.

The Role of the Local Housing Authority

The Local Housing Authorities analyze records (provided by the applicant) and make decisions according to the ability of this federal program.

The Importance of Full Disclosure

Explaining all the cases with honesty will be good for their future but if find misguiding during the investigation or after, eviction stump.

Appealing a Denial

If denied, you have an appeal right against the decision but all the process will be legal and from your local housing authority and provide documents that support you and help you.

Reentry Programs

There are different communities that help to find a house for felonies and support them.

What Crime Disqualified

These are crimes that will be disqualified for section 8.

  • Drug: whether manufacturing, making, or distributing.
  • Series crimes:  murder, assault, or domestic violation.
  • Property crimes: Theft, Robber or Burglary
  • Sexual crimes: Sex assault and child sex

How HUD Helps Felony People Find Section 8 Housing

Eligibility for Individuals with Felonies

HUDs provide houses to individuals with their records, but some restrictions. Read given below:

HUD’s Role in Supporting Eligible Individuals

HUD helps find a house for those who meet the eligibility criteria.

Fair Housing Practices

HUD enforces equality and prevents discrimination against individuals with criminal records.

Providing Guidance and Resources

HUD helps with them and offers guidance to the housing authority to accept and encourage them.

The Application Process

They need to apply for the program and write an application with documents.

Individuals who wish to apply for the housing section should be prepared for the application process.

Application Procedure

The applicant will contact with local housing authority and provide complete information about their criminal history.

Preparing for Interviews

The local housing authority conducts interviews and applicants need to be honest and share all information.


In conclusion, felonies can live with someone is not easy but not impossible. Local authorities and the community can help or whether the landlord allows but different factors like honesty. Express all the information correctly without any false information or explore the reentry program.


Can a felon ever qualify for Section 8 housing?

Yes, but eligibility will be according to their case from the local housing authority. l housing authorities.

What types of crimes can disqualify someone from Section 8 housing?

Serious violent crimes like drug

How does the local housing authority assess felony convictions?

They consider factors such as the nature of the offense, time elapsed since the conviction, and evidence of rehabilitation.

Are there any resources to help them find housing?

Yes, many communities offer reentry programs and housing assistance for individuals with criminal records.

What should I do if my application is denied?

You may have the option to appeal the decision and should follow the appeals process outlined by your local housing authority.

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