Who Can Live With You On Section 8

Who Can Live With You On Section 8? Guide 2024

Section 8 helps low-income families pay rent, but there are rules about who can live in the rental unit. The housing authority must approve any additional people before they move in. Usually, only immediate family like a spouse or children are allowed. Friends, extended family, and non-relatives typically can’t be added to the lease if you want to keep getting Section 8.

Following the guidelines on occupants is crucial if you don’t want to lose your

. The housing authority needs to screen and authorize any new residents. So make sure to ask, “Who can live with you in Section 8?” before allowing someone to move in.

Who Is Allowed to Live with You on Section 8?

When you get Section 8 housing assistance, there are rules about who can live with you. You can’t just let anyone move in. The housing authority has guidelines on who is allowed.

Usually, only close family members are allowed. That might include a spouse, children under 18, or elderly parents. Other relatives, like siblings, cousins, etc., are typically not permitted.

Friends, roommates, and non-relatives are generally not allowed to be added either. The housing authority will do a background check and has to authorize them.

It’s important to get approval before letting someone new move in. If you don’t, you could lose your Section 8 voucher. Check with your housing authority on their specific policies. Follow their occupancy guidelines to avoid issues.

With Section 8, you can’t just add anyone to the lease. Get housing authority approval first to include new residents safely. Stick to their rules to maintain your rental assistance.

Section 8 Rules for Guests and Visitors

Section 8 Rules for Guests and Visitors

Rules for Guests

  • Guests can only stay for a certain period. Many housing authorities allow up to 14 consecutive days or 30 total days per year.
  • You must get approval if a guest will stay longer. The housing authority will do a background check on them.
  • Guests should not get mail delivered to your unit. This could make them seem like an unauthorized resident.

Rules for Visitors

  • Visitors are allowed to come over for a reasonable amount of time. For example, a dinner guest or friend stopping by during the day is okay.
  • Overnight visitors are typically allowed to stay for a night or two. Longer stays may need housing authority approval.
  • Too many visitors or parties could be an issue. Make sure it doesn’t disturb neighbors or damage property.

Be sure to follow your housing authority’s specific policies on guests and visitors. Their stays should be reasonable and not constant. Get approvals when required so you don’t risk losing your Section 8 rental assistance.

How to Add Them to My Section 8 Voucher?

Ask Your Housing Authority

  • Check your housing authority’s rules on adding occupants. Learn their specific policies and procedures.
  • Request their application forms for adding a family member. This will vary by housing agency.

Complete the Paperwork

  • Fill out all required applications and documents for the new occupant. Supply their income, background, and identity information.
  • Submit any needed verifications like birth certificates, marriage licenses, custody forms, etc. Follow your housing authority’s checklist.

Get Approval

  • The housing authority will screen the proposed occupant. They will conduct background checks and reviews.
  • If approved, the housing authority will amend your voucher for the new resident. This will adjust your rental assistance.
  • Do not let the person move in until you receive full written approval.

Follow Up

  • After approval, add the new occupant to your rental lease. All adults need to be on the lease agreement.
  • Notify your landlord and make necessary arrangements like obtaining keys, parking, etc.
  • Keep communicating with your housing agency regarding any changes.

How Do I Remove Someone From My Section 8 Voucher?

  • Notify your housing authority. Tell them in writing that the person has moved out or will be moving out on a certain date.
  • Provide documentation. Give proof like a new lease or bills showing the person has a different address.
  • Update your rental lease agreement. Have the person removed as a leaseholder with your landlord. All adults on the voucher must be on the lease.
  • Request an interim recertification. This will recalculate your rental assistance based on the change in household members.
  • Cooperate with any inspections or requests from the housing authority to verify the change.
  • Obtain written confirmation once the person is removed from your voucher. Keep this documentation.
  • Notify your landlord and make any needed changes like keys, parking, etc.
  • Continue paying your portion of rent on time every month to maintain your Section 8 voucher.
  • Report any further changes in household composition to your housing authority right away.

Follow your housing agency’s specific procedures for Voucher changes. Communicate with them clearly to remove someone successfully.

Bottom Line

Section 8 housing assistance provides crucial help to low-income families. But there are important rules to follow to maintain your rental voucher. The housing authority must approve any new occupants before they move in. Usually, only immediate family members like spouses and children under 18 are allowed. Other relatives, friends, and non-relatives typically can’t be added without authorization.

Sticking to the occupancy guidelines is essential so you don’t risk losing your housing benefits. Ask your housing agency who is eligible to join your household. Get their permission first before adding anyone new to your Section 8 rental. Following the proper procedures will help ensure you can keep receiving assistance and have stable housing.


Can I add my sister to my Section 8 voucher?

No, siblings are typically not allowed to be added to a Section 8 voucher. Only immediate family, like spouses, children, or parents, may be approved. Friends and extended family are generally not permitted.

How long can a person stay with me on Section 8?

Guests can usually stay up to 21 days per year before needing approval. Visitors should not constantly or frequently stay over. Follow your housing authority’s specific guest policies.

Can I add my grandchild to my Section 8 voucher?

Yes, grandparents may be able to add their minor grandchildren as dependents. You will need approval from the housing authority first. They will want to screen the new occupant.

Can I add a child to my Section 8 voucher?

Yes, biological children under 18 can be added with housing authority approval. Foster or adopted children can also be added with the proper documentation. Adult children are typically not permitted.

Can my boyfriend live with me in Section 8?

No, unmarried partners cannot be added to Section 8. Only legal spouses or domestic partners are usually approved. Live-in boyfriends or girlfriends are generally not allowed without being on the lease.

Can I add someone to my Section 8 voucher?

Only approved family members can be added. You must inform your housing authority first. 

Can Adult Children With Disabilities Live With Me On Section 8?

Yes, adult children with disabilities may be eligible to reside with a Section 8 recipient parent. Proper documents will need to be provided to the housing authority for approval.

Can I Share My Section 8 Home With A Domestic Partner?

Yes, legally recognized domestic partners can be added to a Section 8 voucher as long as proof of the partnership is submitted and approved. Unmarried partners typically cannot be added.

What’s The Eligibility for Including Elderly Relatives?

Elderly relatives aged 62 or older, or any age if disabled may be eligible to reside with a Section 8 recipient. Proper documentation of age, disability, and/or dependency needs will have to be provided to the housing authority for approval.

Are Foster Children Eligible To Live With Me On Section 8?

Yes, foster children can reside with an approved foster caregiver receiving Section 8. Proper licensure and court documents will need to be provided.

Is it Possible to Add Someone to My Section 8 Voucher without listing them on the Lease? No, all approved adult household members must be listed on the rental lease agreement per Section 8 requirements. Only documented occupants can live in the unit.

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